4 Tips to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain.

December 7, 2020

Holiday weight gain is something we all dread. Here are 4 Tips to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain.

‘Tis the season of comfort foods, hot chocolate, endless holiday treats, and plenty of drinking with family and friends. This year we may not be spending extensive time with family and friends, but the treats and cocktails will still happen within our small gatherings. A little extra weight gain is almost a guarantee this time of year like complimentary bread at an Italian restaurant.

They do say this season is magical…magically adding lbs to our hips.

BUT…there are some ways we can limit excess and unwanted weight gain during this time of year without eating like a bird and while enjoying our favorite foods and drinks of the season.

First, let’s start with a little science reminder of how weight gain and weight loss happen. It simply comes down to energy expenditure vs energy consumption.

Expended Energy > Consumed Energy = Net weight/fat loss

Consumed Energy > Expended Energy = Net weight/fat gain

Now that we have that covered, let’s dive into some tips from our coaches at LIFT to avoid holiday weight gain this year.

    Increase activity

We already know from the simple equation above more energy expenditure is in our favor. We suggest finding ways to increase your overall activity level. Obviously exercising daily is an easy one, but there’s more:

How about a couple extra walks each day? One in the morning before work and on after work.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

Walk to the grocery store instead of driving or ordering.

Use a standing desk while working instead of sitting.

Take work calls outside while walking.

    Eat one BIG salad each day

Use this as one of your meals. Now, we don’t mean order a big chopped salad from portillos with extra noodles and extra dressing. Fill your salad with lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables. Well-constructed salads are full of quality nutrients, protein, and fiber. They make you full through a large volume of food without carrying a TON of calories. Not only are you eating for your health, but you are nicely setting yourself up to have a few holiday treats if you want.

    Hire a trainer

Many times the hardest parts about getting active and staying active is accountability and knowing what to do. It is very easy to skip a workout when it is just you and your living room, but it is a whole different story when you have someone waiting on you. Allow someone with the knowledge and expertise to guide and push you through this year. It is an investment for you and your health that you will not regret. That is what we do a LIFT. Let us help you and experience the difference!

    Make a challenge calendar

A challenge calendar is a great way to incentivize action and keep yourself motivated. Simply choose 2-3 things, for your health and fitness, you want to accomplish each day. That could be, a workout, healthy meals, extra walks, calorie expenditure goal, hydration goals, and sleep, etc. Whatever yours is, write it down, and cross off each day that you accomplish all tasks. If you cross a day off, reward yourself with some holiday treat or a nice cocktail. Have fun with it, invite a friend, a loved one, or your distant family to join in!

Regardless if you use none, some, or all of these just remember to enjoy the holiday season. Control the things you can control, treat yourself here and there, and enjoy the company you will be with!

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