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Josh Siroko - Owner/Strength Coach

Josh Siroko - Owner/Strength Coach

My background in strength training started with the University of Illinois – Fighting Illini Football team in 2011. Prior to that, I studied Sports Medicine under the Athletic Training Educational Program at Illinois. The combination of understanding how the body works, and applying it to strength training has really helped me establish myself and take my clients through what is truly a specialized strength training approach. To this day, I am constantly absorbing, learning, and doing everything i can to grow myself and put that passion into my work with my clients.

Chad Driscoll - Owner/Strength Coach

After receiving my B.S. in Kinesiology from Illinois, I didn’t really know what the hell I wanted to do. I love exercise and strength training, and after completing an internship with the Maryland Terrapins Football team I was ready to turn my passion into a career. I am beyond excited to apply my skills to help every day people get strong, remain healthy, and achieve their fitness goals.

My fitness truth: “No one ever complained about being strong.”

Chad Driscoll - Owner/Strength Coach
Peter Tamulewicz - Strength Coach & General Manager

Peter Tamulewicz - Strength Coach & General Manager

As a former Track and Field athlete at The University of Houston, I was exposed to and gained a love for strength training. Post competition, I transferred to Eastern Illinois, and while finishing my degree towards becoming a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, discovered a passion for helping others succeed. From there, I went on to work with athletes of all ages and have since been working with the general population. By being a strength coach, I have the opportunity to safely and effectively, change people’s lives. Using my current knowledge and experience while continuing to learn and stay current in the field, I aim to provide a second to none, safe, and efficient workout to every single client.

Jared Blincow - Manager River North - Strength Coach

My first experience with strength and conditioning came as a college soccer play at DePaul University and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I continued my education at the University of Texas and have spent the last 5 years in the collegiate setting perfecting my craft and trying to become the best coach that I can be. The opportunity to coach and develop people, improve their health and daily lives, and to connect with so many great individuals is what motivates me to come into work every day to give my absolute best for our clients.

After coaching at Southwestern University, the University of Missouri, and Texas A&M University, I’m very excited for the opportunity to come back to the city of Chicago and work at LIFT.

Jared Blincow - Manager River North - Strength Coach
Isaac Garcia - Strength Coach & Client Relations Manager

Isaac Garcia - Strength Coach & Client Relations Manager

My love for strength and conditioning started as a college soccer player at Schreiner University in Texas. I had the opportunity to become the assistant soccer coach/strength coach shortly after graduation. I realized my passion for strength training was rising. I continued my education at Springfield College in Massachusetts, one of the best programs in the country for developing strength coaches. I’ve spent the past 4 years in the collegiate setting  learning and growing as a coach. My ambition is to help each person achieve their fitness goals while also having a meaningful impact in their life.


After coaching at Schreiner University, Springfield College and Amherst College, I’m ready and excited for this opportunity to coach at LIFT.

Sam Hartsock - Strength Coach

After playing golf at Southwestern Community College in Iowa for a year, I continued my education at Iowa State University where I received my Bachelors in Exercise Science. During my last full year at Iowa State worked with the football program’s strength and conditioning staff. After graduation, I then went to work with the University of Florida football team.  I could not be more excited to join the team at LIFT and apply my knowledge of strength training to help others live strong, healthy lives.

Sam Hartsock - Strength Coach
Abby Christiansen - Strength Coach

Abby Christiansen - Strength Coach

I have always had a lifelong passion for movement. I picked up strength training in my early 20s which gave me the confidence and drive to always do better. I started running obstacle course races several years ago and I train all year round so I can excel at those events. I decided to turn my passion for lifting into a career after I spent several years working in social services. After achieving my strength and conditioning coach certification, I was able to blend my desire to help people with my love of fitness. I am excited to continue working with individuals to help them find their confidence in the gym and fulfill their personal goals!

Sarah Hrehor - Manager Lincoln Park - Strength Coach

My love for Strength and Conditioning started as a college soccer player at Schreiner University after my second ACL tear. From there I continued my education at Liberty University where I worked as a sport scientist for the men’s and women’s hockey teams collecting and interpreting data. I have spent time coaching at the University of Denver, Mississippi State, EXOS, and BASE Fit Performance. Each experience has allowed me to grow as a coach and given me the opportunity to learn from those with different levels of experience and skills. Educating and seeing clients become more confident in the weight room and within themselves is what drives me everyday.

Sarah Hrehor - Manager Lincoln Park - Strength Coach
Alex Martinez - Strength Coach

Alex Martinez - Strength Coach

My love for strength training and fitness comes from my academic background in exercise science. I always wanted to learn about the “how” and “why” to health, fitness, and human movement. So, when I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, I pursued a degree in Kinesiology. Through this experience, I have been able to attain the tools and knowledge to help people enhance their fitness in a safe and efficient manner. Now, as a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, I strive to stay current in the field in order to continue to offer the best services possible.

John Fuhr - Strength Coach

My passion for strength training started in high school and grew throughout college as I was training intensely for my athletic seasons. I played basketball at Central College in Iowa where I studied kinesiology and completed my undergraduate degree at Western Illinois University. I then went into the private sector to train youth and high school athletes as well as the general population. I can’t wait to continue pursuing my passion at LIFT while helping the people of Chicago achieve their fitness goals.

John Fuhr - Strength Coach

David Hamlin - Strength Coach

With over four years of experience in the dynamic fitness landscapes of Hawaii and Colorado, I’ve honed a training knowledge base that’s as diverse as the environments I’ve worked in. Fitness has always been my passion and I’m excited to bring my experience back to Chicago. My goal is to help you make fitness sustainable. I truly believe that working out will help you embrace a healthier and more fulfilling life.

David Hamlin - Strength Coach
Ali Ball

Ali Ball

Hey Chicago – I am Ali! I have always had a love for exercise and fitness. Since experiencing a career-ending injury and realizing there was a more sustainable way to exercise, I found a passion for strength and conditioning. I attended Purdue University to pursue a degree in Kinesiology while working as an F45 coach. My aim was to provide meaningful, positive, and safe workouts for participants. I have now been with LIFT for over a year completing my internship and assistantship.  At LIFT, I have significantly improved my understanding of functional strength training and gained significant experience training a variety of LIFT’s clientele. I am beyond excited to help Chicagoans gain confidence in the gym and achieve their fitness goals.

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