3 Easy Ways to Get Moving At Home

May 16, 2020

Here we are, two months into a seemingly endless repetitive cycle. Motivation is at an all time low and quarantine fatigue is at an all time high. We are all getting restless and in these times we tend to over stimulate. Unfortunately our go to stimulations are in the form of a couch, binge watching, and binge eating.  Almost every article and post out there is about ‘navigating life post pandemic’ or ‘how to mitigate risk’ as if its stay inside or get the plague. There seems to be no realization that this thing we call quarantine doesn’t have an expiration date. How do we stay motivated in our CURRENT situation that has us all stuck inside? The all or nothing approach of the stay at home order has many people on high alert and awaiting the next sign of what to do. 

Here is your order: make the most of it and MOVE


3 easy ways to get moving!


  1. Move first thing in the morning.

* While your morning coffee is brewing, move your body through a dynamic stretching and action routine.


  1. Go for a walk.

* It’s warming up out there – go for walks. Breathe in the fresh spring air (Bring your masks – Illinois only requires masks if you cannot socially distance).


  1. Workout at home

* LIFT offers morning streamed HIIT classes AND at home (minimal/no weight required) strength programming.